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  • 1934

    Admiral founded in Chicago, USA by Ross Siragusa.

  • 1947

    Admiral company and brand established in USA; one of the first to produce color television sets.

  • 1951

    Admiral sold (sales reach) 5 million television sets.

  • 1967

    Admiral Overseas Corporation (AOC) established in Taiwan; 1st manufacturer of color televisions for export.

  • 1978

    Admiral Overseas Corporation was renamed AOC International.

  • 1979

    Started direct marketing under AOC brand name.

  • 1982

    AOC brand registered worldwide.

  • 1988

    AOC established offices selling monitors in United States, China, Europe and Brazil.

  • 1999

    AOC entered the display markets in New Zealand and Australia

  • 2005

    AOC launched in India

  • 2006

    AOC launched in Mexico

  • 2007

    AOC sold in more than 115 countries glob- ally; products includ LCD & CRT monitors, LCD TVs and All-In-One PCs

  • 2010

    AOC shipped 16 million units of LCD monitors, representing an annual growth of 50%.

  • 2013

    AOC ranked No.1 in market share for PC monitors in the Asia Pacific region (including the Greater China Region)

  • 2014

    AOC released the first true Anti-Blue-Light monitor, raising industry standards to help protect users eyes

  • 2015

    As a strong supporter of innovative gaming technologies,AOC incorporated FreeSync capabilities into a new line of monitors for professional gamers.

    To support the spirit of innovation and human determination, AOC sponsored filming of major Hollywood movie The Martian.

  • 2016

    AOC collaborates with Independence Day: Resurgence, the sci-fi movie to pursue next level-of visual experiences.

    AOC monitor launches its premium gaming series AGON and the Swarovski limited edition, bringing diversity to its offerings and upgrading the brand image further.

  • 2017

    AOC Monitor ranked 1st in APJ 2017.

    AOC collaborated with FOX-for-on-the blockbuster Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

    AOC collaborated with Studio FA Porsche to produce a limited-edition monitor.

  • 2018

    AOC partnered with global Esports team: G2 Esports. AOC named official moni- tor sponsor for IeSF.

  • 2019

    AOC's first ever esport tournament: AOC Pan-Asian
    Internet Cafe Espots Tournament.

    AOC ranked as No. 1 gaming monitor brand globally in 2019.

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