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AOC reserves the right to make changes to its privacy statement at any time, e.g. in response to legislative changes. The most recent version can always be found on this page.

AOC as controller

With regards to this website, AOC acts as a data controller, and thus determines the purpose and means for the processing of personal data, and the provisions of this privacy statement apply. If reference is made in the following to AOC, this also means its subsidiaries. These subsidiaries of AOC are established in various countries in the European Union and are responsible for the processing of your personal data if you use the services of that company in these countries.

Introduction and scope of this privacy statement

AOC uses the personal data you share with us to improve our products and services and to offer you an optimal experience. By means of this privacy statement, AOC gives you insight into how it uses your personal data, protects and offers you the possibility to manage your personal data yourself. Insight is given into what personal data is collected about you when you visit our websites or make use of our services and products, apps and applications, and with which third parties AOC shares your personal data. AOC uses your personal data for the purposes described below.

Personal data collected about you

The term "personal data" as used in this privacy statement covers all information about an identified or identifiable natural person, in particular by means of an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or one or more elements that are characteristic for the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person. AOC collects various types of personal data including the following (if applicable):

Automatically collected information

AOC also collects personal data through the use of its websites and apps. For example:

Websites: Data about your visit and surfing behavior. When you visit one of the AOC websites, data is sent from your browser to its servers. Thus, AOC collects personal data such as:

  1. your IP address;
  2. date, time and duration of the visit;
  3. the referral URL (the site where the visitor came from);
  4. the pages visited on our website;
  5. and information about the device and browser (such as browser type and version, operating system, etc.
  6. Cookies and similar techniques: AOC and its partners apply techniques to collect and store data during your visit to and use of its websites, such as sending one or more cookies or other similar techniques to your device. On the AOC Cookie page, you can find more information about the use of cookies and other similar techniques and how to disable them.
  7. Location data: If you use a service on a mobile device where your location is enabled, we will give you a prior notice for permission to collect and process your current location data, e.g. via GPS signals sent by a mobile device. You can usually disable the sending of your location via the settings of your device. We always inform you when we use location data.

Sources of information

Most of the personal data that AOC collects about you is information that you provided voluntarily, for example through our websites, services or products, etc. Other sources through which your personal data are obtained:

  • other parts of AOC;
  • and third parties (such as credit rating agencies, law enforcement / regulatory bodies and data smokers, etc.), which can also provide publicly available source data.

AOC will provide you with a copy of the personal data processed in this context.

Use of your personal data

The personal data that AOC collects, for example when you register for the website, are used for identification and authentication. AOC creates a profile for you with the information required to provide you with products or services. These can also be combined with personal data obtained through other internal and external sources. This personal data can be used for the following purposes:

  1. Improvement of products and services: Your personal data is processed to create a profile of you with the aim of understanding how you use our products and services, enabling AOC to develop better and more relevant products and services and to improve the website(s). Processing in this way is necessary for the legitimate interest of AOC to offer better products and services to you and other customers.
  2. Providing customer service: In case of contact with customer service, personal data are processed, for example your order data and contact history, in order to process your request and provide service. The legality of this processing lies in the necessity of processing for the execution of a contract with a company of AOC or if we have to comply with a legal obligation. If there is no necessity on the basis of any of these grounds, processing is deemed necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interest of AOC to ensure that the best possible service is provided.
  3. Marketing: If you register for newsletters, use the website, purchase online products or services or provide feedback on this, a profile of you is created. Processing in this way is necessary for the legitimate interest of AOC to generate proper files about you. Your profile will be created in accordance with your preferences to provide you with a good personalized experience, to send you personalized marketing messages and newsletters and for surveys. The way in which your personal data are used for these purposes is described below.
    • Retargeting: AOC websites and apps can use techniques for retargeting, with the aim of showing visitors, who were already interested in the products and/or services, advertisements on partner websites. As far as retargeting takes place, this is done on the basis of your explicit consent.
    • Advertisements: Collaborates with external partners, such as SSPs and DSPs that use tracking techniques to place advertisements on behalf of AOC on the internet. These partners collect personal information about your visits to websites or apps of AOC and your interaction in relation to, for example, advertisements. They will only collect this data insofar as you have given permission for the placing of cookies for marketing purposes. See also the cookie policy.
  4. Quality of data, profiling: If your personal data has been obtained through various sources, this data will be merged in certain cases to improve your understanding of your products and services (e.g. data that you have provided directly, can be combined with data which are collected automatically, such as metadata, IP addresses, browse data, information obtained lawfully from third parties, etc.). This can be used to send you more personalized marketing messages or to create more effective marketing campaigns. Processing in this way is necessary for the legitimate interest of AOC to ensure that you receive the most appropriate offers of its products and to personalize your experience. You can opt out of combining personal data with the information obtained from other sources by contacting AOC.
  5. Analyses: Your personal data is used to perform analyses and investigations. Processing in this way is necessary for the legitimate interest of AOC to better understand customers and to ensure that services meet the needs of its customers. This concerns analyses, in which data (such as personal data and/or sensitive data obtained through an AOC app or browsing history) are combined and stored to:
    • learn more about customers and preferences;
    • identify patterns and trends;
    • be able to deliver data, content and offers that are tailored to customer needs;
    • for general research and statistical purposes;
    • develop new products and services;
    • monitor the performance of products and services and / or to improve the use of used technology;
    • send personalized marketing messages;
    • and show you online advertisements.
  6. Analysis of AOC itself: By anonymizing your personal data and merging with other personal data of customers, analyzing the sales, supply chain and finances, determining how AOC performs and where improvements can be made. Processing of personal data in this way is necessary for the legitimate interest of AOC to measure how it performs and to determine how to improve it.

    AOC will ask you for permission if it wishes to use your personal data for purposes other than those stated in this privacy statement. AOC will not use your personal data for other purposes before such permission is received.

Providing personal data?

AOC treats your personal information carefully and confidentially and does not share it with others other than those listed below.

Changes to this policy

AOC will regularly update this online privacy statement in order to keep it easily findable, error-free and up-to-date and to ensure that sufficient information is available about your rights and that AOC's way(s) of processing have been implemented in accordance with the law and continue to comply with it. If major changes are made to this privacy statement, you will be informed via the websites on which an updated version of the privacy statement is published.

AOC wants to cooperate with you in a good way and always find a suitable solution for complaints or care about privacy. If you are of the opinion that we could not help you with your complaint or care, you have the right to file a complaint via the website of your supervising authority.

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