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• Game: Valorant

• Date: Mar-Jun 2021

• Location: Online Tournament

• Participating countries: Australia and New Zealand

• Broadcast channels: Twitch and YouTube

1 Team Eligibility
A “team” is a constellation of players making up the active roster, whereby there are five participants at a minimum available to play every matchday. Teams must meet the following requirements in their entirety in order to be eligible to compete. Teams who do not meet these requirements will be deemed ineligible to compete and will be removed from the competition until these requirements are met.

The administration reserves the right to investigate a team’s information where eligibility is in question. Players should be prepared to provide other application documents to verify that these requirements are met.

1.1 Team Size
A team’s roster must consist of five starting players and it is heavily recommended that at least one substitute player is on the roster. A team is at maximum permitted to include three substitute players to complete a full roster of eight players.

1.2 Region & Residency
A team’s region is determined by the location of the majority of its players on the active roster. The location of team owners, team managers and team staff does not affect the team’s region.

1.3 Rosters
All teams must maintain three out of five active roster participants throughout the duration of the competition. Failure to do so may result in the removal from the competition.

1.4 Coaches
A team is permitted to include a coach to their roster if they so choose. All coaches must be cleared by the administration before participating in any league match as a coach. If a team wishes for a coach to be present during a match then the coach will be able to join the voice communications with the team, the coach must join the voice communications at the same time as the players.

2 League Structure
2.1 Progressional Structure
The competition will be split into the following components:
· Qualifiers x 3 (online).
· Swiss stage (online).
· Season Finals (online).

2.2 Prize Pool
The Valorant Rising Heroes Presented by AOC will have a $20,000AUD prize pool as well as various sponsorship gear which is listed below. The prize pool will be distributed in the following payment distribution:
Total prize pool:
-$20,000 AUD total prize pool
-15 x HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset + SoloCast Microphone
-5 x AOC AG273FZE Monitors
-5 x AOC G24G2 Monitors
-5 x AOC G500 Gaming Keyboard/Mice Sets
-5 x AOC Large Wolfie Plushie
-20 x AOC Goodie Bags

3 Game Specific Rules
3.1 Map Pool
The map pool will use the current active duty mapgroup, current as of February 12th, 2021. This selection of maps is determined by Riot and the administration will determine if and when map changes will take effect during a season if needed.
· Ascent
· Bind
· Haven
· Split
· Icebox

3.2 Unintended Uses of the Game Title
The use of any bug, intentionally and/or repeatedly in a game is not permitted. The administration reserves the right to determine when an in-game action is deemed as an abuse.

3.3 New Positions
It is heavily recommended to inform the administration team if you intend to use a new position on a map if it’s not commonly known in the game. The administration will determine if this position is legal, and will keep the information private to that team until it is used and inform the opposing team.

If a new position is used in the competition and the administration is not informed, potential illegal positions will be penalised.

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